I don't exactly remember when I was first excited about what's possible behind a camera. However, on a trip a few years ago to Namibia, I had the chance to hang out on the side of a helicopter to photograph the great dunes of the Namib Desert. Soon, the engine's roar, the wind, and the nervousness disappeared, along with all the world's distractions, and then I felt a sense of clarity and calmness looking through the lens. On that trip, with the rush of adventure, it became clear to me that the endless opportunities of experiencing life with a camera is something I can't and do not want to escape. Learning, teaching, adventure, and personal relationships are what motivate me. I love the sense of community that my photography brings in the form of teaching others what I have learned, sharing exciting stories of my adventures, or just discussing the natural history of a loon family on a quiet lake. Passion, dedication, and perseverance are foundational to me. My own success is when I look at my work and see those values reflected in an image.
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